Going back to civilian life after military service is a big change. Too many leave planning for it until mere months before they transition. Smart folks start early and learn all they can to ensure their goals and needs are met.

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Military Transition: Defining Your Future Career Options for Current Military and Veterans. A Job-Hunt Guide
Define Your Future

This book helps you answer the question: What do I want to do next?

Whether you expect to do the same work you do in the military or to explore other options, you need to clearly define your goals and needs. This e-book has a series of questions to ask yourself and steps to take to ensure your plan is effective and realistic.

Military Transition: Effective Networking Guide for Current Military and Veterans: A Job-Hunt Guide
Connecting to Helpers

The second ebook is a simple plan for effective networking.

This is a vital part of your future yet most people, military and civilian, feel uncomfortable about the process. The reality is that networking is simply another name for human to human connecting. This book will help you identify who to talk to, what to ask each person, and how to use the process to support your job search and future.

This is your future, your success depends on how you work through this transition. And these books offer specific steps to take, questions to ask, and people to help you.