I have worked with a lot of transitioning military over the years who had many of the same issues and concerns. As a result I have written two ebooks on some of the most critical aspects of this transition.


The biggest concern for many military members is what to do next in their career. Some expect to do work similar to their military specialty while others seek to find a new path. But how do you decide?

Military Transition: Defining Your Future Career Options for Current Military and Veterans.  A Job-Hunt Guide will help you assess your strengths, interests, goals, and achievements. The book contains exercises for you to do as well as questions to ask others along the process.

Career Next Steps ebook

Networking Guide for Military in Transition and Veterans – the Who, When, and What to Ask. A Job-Hunt Guide will guide and support your efforts to build a network for success . Here too there are questions to ask yourself, people you already know, and those you contact in the transition process. Networking is simply human connections and you will find many people willing to help you along your career if you learn how to ask for such help.

Networking ebook

I welcome your questions on these topics and ideas for other job search aspects you wonder about.