These are links to articles on LinkedIn from my new series on successful transition to the private sector. They are based on many years of working with transitioning military and veterans in job search and career development efforts.

Preparation and Strategy

Figuring out what you really want to do and how well you understand your job options is a critical first step. Even with all the help now available through transition programs run by the services and the plethora of external advisors, a surprisingly high percentage of military members do not know what they want to do next. Worse, some think that an employer will figure it out for them. Defining your interests, skills you want to use, and translating those into potential work options are critical to successfully selling yourself into a good job with the right employer!

Your Transition Begins

Creating the Path Forward

Careers from Combat Arms

Active Planning for Success

Your Research ‘Cheat-sheet’

Before You Write Your Resume

How Civilian Pay Works

Marketing Approaches and Materials

Once you have found potential jobs and careers which interest you, it is time to learn how to market yourself effectively. This includes the development of marketing materials such as a resume, networking cards, an ‘elevator speech’ and your social media profiles. You need to find potential employers who match your needs and goals. And learn how to connect with them for better results.

Learn the Lingo

Build Your Network for Success

Value Your ‘Soft’ Skills

Resume Tips

Interviewing Tips


I am looking forward to continuing this series on LinkedIn Pulse and welcome your suggestions for topics or issues you are dealing with.