Many transitioning military I talk with are concerned about their next steps – too many choices or too few. They find the job search process daunting (as do most people.) There are good reasons for those feelings. You are leaving a system you understand for one that is far more chaotic. Even the transition guidance may seem overwhelming and confusing.

We go into the military open to many new experiences and find opportunities we never thought of. Yet many of us are more fearful for our future when we depart. The “civilian world’ seems more foreign than we remember. The stakes are higher.

I have created two ebooks to help with major aspects of the transition out of the military. These books are free this November 9-11 in recognition of Veterans Day.

“Military Transition: Defining Your Future Career Options for Current Military and Veterans: A Job-Hunt Guide”  

The first guide is designed to help you figure out what you want to do next and how to understand your options. It has a series of exercises and self-assessments and ways to find information and resources to support your goals.


“Military Transition: Effective Networking Guide for Current Military and Veterans: A Job-Hunt Guide”  

The second ebook is a simple guide to networking. This is a vital part of your future yet most people, military and civilian, feel uncomfortable about the process. The reality is that networking is simply another name for human to human connecting. And this book will help you identify who to talk to, what to ask each person, and how to use the process to support your job search and future.


Love to hear your questions and comments on the Amazon review page too.